Move Your Ass Monday !

My first official post to start off this blog, by the way. Awesome!

Anyways. Today is Move Your Ass Monday (for me anyways).  I had my first day at a gym and it’s been 15 years since I been to one, probably a little longer. I have to say, prior to today, I have totally been anti-gym.  I never felt comfortable being around the “meat-heads” (no offense guys) and the ridiculously rail thin girls (no offense ladies).  In an environment like that, I don’t care who you are, at some point you start to feel a little self-conscious 🙂

However, lately I have been wanting to join one for basically one reason. The weather. Which by the way is horribly unpredictable sometimes here. I love to bike and walk – 2 things I don’t want to do on rainy days and cold days or snowy ones for that matter.  So after a cry baby battle with my boyfriend of “I don’t want to go” Everyone is going to stare” ordeal – I went. I loved it. Can’t wait to go back again.

I know, crazy. I have made such a big deal about not going to a gym, that after today I was sorry I hadn’t gone sooner.

What I love about this gym? No one cares. Yep.  That’s right. No one cares about your size, your gear and how much you sweat.  People there just do there own thing.  Everyone’s there for one reason – getting fit/staying fit.

I now realize that everyone (no matter your size) gets the first day gym jitters. It’s always nerve-wracking never knowing what kind of people you are going to encounter, or like my biggest fear, not knowing how to use machines!  Although that had to have been the stupidest fear of them all, because all you do is get on and move and the machines do the rest. So silly of me!

So I did a simple workout using three machines.  Had to go easy – I was a bit on the anxious side and didn’t want to over do it.

It was an easy 42 minutes (I know awkward time- long story short – the bo overworked himself too quickly)

Treadmill – 15 minutes.  D
Eliptical – 10 WOW i loved this machine by the way.  First time ever using it – I could been on it all day 🙂
And finally the recumbant for 12 minutes as by the time I got there – legs – jelly. though I did manage almost 3 miles in 12 minutes so I was extremely pleased.

Tomorrow I am definitely bringing the headphones so this way I can really work it with no distractions and do my thing 🙂

The Meatless Diva


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. courtneybelieve
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 13:46:03

    Congrats on joining the gym! Its an awesome alternative to outside exercise – good luck on your journey!


    • themeatlessdiva
      Apr 17, 2012 @ 13:54:56

      Thanks so much! We don’t see summer here in Buffalo until June and until then its usually cold-windy-raining or all three at one shot. If I had room in our apartment I was going to by a stationary bike but unfortunately we have no room – so the gym was my only other option!
      Good luck on your journey as well – I am looking forward to following you and I will share your page on my other facebook account 🙂


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