Temptation Highway

That is what they seriously need to rename the main road around the corner from me.  You see, most people think I am being “dramatic” when I tell them how hard it is to eat healthy here and how many food joints there are near me.

So this morning I finally grabbed the camera and took some pictures of the road:

In less than a 1 mile radius – 3 Chinese places – 1 is a buffet.  1 is take out /eat in and the other is a Sushi joint. We got McD’s, Taco Bell, Mighty Taco – Only thing missing – Arby’s and BK BUT we do have a Pizza Hut.  There are several diners on this stretch as well.

Next stretch down, There was I believe less than one mile 4 pizza places, no lie. Not to mention hot dog joints as well and with that part ending with a Friendly’s.

And among all that – ONE supermarket. 🙂

Here are a few of the photos I took:

Looking down the road

Don’t mind the reflections. 🙂  Or my awesome blacking out stuff.
I could walk to one of the DD locations. It would take only 2 minutes in the car.

As you can see, temptation is everywhere. I haven’t even photographed the good streets – I am talking where you can eat the best damn wings in the world!

Any one of these places are easily accessible by foot too. Which is why when walk – we go the opposite direction 😉

  Next time you are out try and become more aware of food places that surround you and hopefully you can make better choices!

What kind of food places are near you?

The Meatless Diva


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