Vegan Power Fitness

I constantly look for new places to draw inspiration from.  I love looking for motivational quotes that help keep me focused and balanced. I am the dork who will hang quotes up around my at home workout space to remind myself why I am doing what I am doing.   And it’s cool if you chuckle a bit.  But it does work.  When I start to say “I can’t finish this workout” I see the quote “Clear your mind of cant”- by Samuel Johnson and somehow I start to feel more empowered and confident.

Now before I go any further, let me say this.  Lately, it’s been really hard for me to find that motivation, that extra push that keeps me going like a crazy mad machine.  It’s hard to find people who are in the same lifestyle that I am – who are either looking to get fit or are getting fit and are eating in the whole foods plant based lifestyle.

And then….

I got a like on my page from a page called “Vegan Power Fitness“.  Just the name in itself – is freaking awesome and gets you feeling all amped up. 🙂  But beyond the name, lies a page that just really wants to make you get up off your ass and workout.

When I see photos of some of the moves he was holding in – it makes me strive harder to hold those positions longer than 2 seconds. Just Kidding. I hold some for 2 1/2 seconds. :-P.  Humor aside – it really does make me want to work that much harder.

And then my favorite – the motivational quotes.

Now before I go any further, as I write this, you should know that earlier today I planned to take the day off – no joke.  It was a cold and rainy day and I just wasn’t feeling it.  Till I saw this quote:

“The only bad workout is the one that never happened”.

Vegan. Power. Fitness

It was if that picture had my name written all over it. So I changed into my workout clothes and off to the gym we went. Over one quote – one powerful quote is more like it.I knew if I skipped today’s workout – I was going to want to skip more. And eventually, I’d have a million reasons why I am not at the gym.

  Missing that one day is the equivalent of when you take one day off of work – you want don’t want to go back in the next day – you want more days off so you keep calling off and eventually you get canned like tuna.  You need to go into work and I need to go to the gym.

If you even say “but I am a meat eater – I don’t want to like no Vegan Page” – then I shall say – skip over the  Vegan word – Power Fitness should still make you want to get off your butt. (And if it still doesn’t make you want to get up — well than you’re just missing out I guess).

It’s a great page to fan – it’s fun, motivating, and real.  Real as in – a real person – with a real physique – who works real hard to maintain it.

If you haven’t liked the page, you really should.

I am already thinking about tomorrow’s workout.

How’s that for some motivation.

The Meatless Diva

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