Deep Fried Abs – w/ a Side of I Got Served

So let me start off by saying, this week has been a great week of working out for me.  I finally started getting in some good strength training, both at home and at the gym.  Yes – both places – simply because there are some pieces of equipment in the gym that I don’t like using, like the corny ab weight machines. Thanks, but I’d much rather work my abs at home.  Which in fact I did.  Read on 🙂

Saturday after a great cardio session – I got home, dug through some workout videos and found one I figured I’d give a shot.  First time using it actually. It’s called Totally Ripped Core and its by Bob Harper. Go ahead and laugh all you want, it’s cool.  This video – is pretty hard core, especially if you are a beginner or haven’t worked out in awhile.  And if you are advanced, well you are just awesome and don’t need this. lol.  Anyways. I am a fairly strong person, with my greatest strength being right in my legs. I have fairly decent balance. AND I can make it through all of his videos without quitting (though some stuff I can’t do, YET but I still push through) So with that being said, I hit play.

I quit the video in 20 minutes. I seriously deep fried my abs, that’s I had muscles in that area I wasn’t aware existed until Saturday.  It was as if someone lit a match to them. And right when I hit stop was  great point too as I could no way in hell do the next move either and I wasn’t about to try it at that point. But that’s ok, I will be completing the video as I plan to do a review on it for all the Harper junkies 🙂

Needless to say, on the arc trainer the last two days, my abs have been balling their eyes out. Which was also awesome ONLY because it’s good to see how I am utilizing my core area on that machine. YAY.

So today at the gym, I got in some great sets on the weights.  I worked my arms/shoulders today. Sweet, right? Wrong. I am getting ready to hit the row machine (its a weight machine, not a real rowing machine, lame.) Now before I got on this machine, there was an old lady on it before me. And I mean old, at least in her 60s (no offense to anyone!). I clean off the machine and now I gotta set my weight. I look down. This lady had it set at 60. 60 freaking pounds — holy moley lady! She saw me look at the weight, gave me this look of “Yah baby, I gotta going on” and strutted her stuff over onto the next machine.  And there I was, at 40.  Yah she served my ass cold! lol

And OMG. I felt like such a wuss too! 😛

But it was awesome, I tell ya. A woman at that age rowing that weight, was really an inspiring and defining moment for me. Of all the other older woman I see there on the weights, no one was pushing like her. I think she was kicking everyone’s butt. Not to mention I also have watched her on the other equipment and she’s just a pure powerhouse.

I think I have found my new motivation.  And If she can do it, there’s no reason I can’t.

Let's Do This!

Except by the time I got to that machine, my arms were spent! 😛 But 40 was cool for me, still cranked out some great sets.

Till Next Time

The Meatless Diva


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